Lakeview swimmer Chaz Lumpkin advances to state finals

Andrew Woodstock, Staff Writer

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  On March 11, after going undefeated all season, Lakeview’s swim team sent one of their best to participate in the swimming state finals at Eastern Michigan University. This is where the best swimmers in Michigan compete for state titles in different competitions. Chaz Lumpkin, ‘19 competed in the 200 IM and placed 14th overall in the state of Michigan.

  Even as a sophomore, Lumpkin is not satisfied with 14th in the state. His goal was to place top 8 overall in the 200 IM, which is a race that consists of four laps in the pool. Each lap is performed with one of four strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle.

  Lumpkin’s ambition doesn’t stop at placing higher in just the 200 IM. He wants to place top eight in the 500 freestyle competition as well.

  Lumpkin shared what drives him.

  He stated, “I want to go to Air Force Academy for college, and I think I can get a good scholarship through swimming.”

  To reach the lofty goals Lumpkin has set for himself, he has to constantly prepare and practice. Lumpkin practiced nearly everyday for months before his meets.

  He stated, “My coach tapered my schedule two weeks before the big meet, which is when we gradually decrease the amount of practicing to become more rested and energized for the competition.” The preparation for state finals seemed to work; Chaz stated that he and the other swim members all dropped time on their events.

  All the practicing and hard work has paid off this year as Lumpkin has broken three school records. He broke the individual 200 IM with a time of 1:59.15 minutes, the 200 medley relay with a time of 1:44.49 minutes, and the 200 freestyle relay with a time of 1:33.31 minutes. He contributes most of these successes to his coach Tracy Kalinowski, who is a math teacher at Lakeview as well. She had only positive things to say about Lumpkin.

 She shared what set Lumpkin apart from his teammates.

  “He always pushes himself to be faster and work harder than any of his teammates. His work ethic is the best I’ve seen.”

  Lumpkin feels confident about his performance and shared how he felt about the sophomore season

  “I feel pretty happy with how I’ve done. I dropped a lot of time in all my events,” concluded Lumpkin.

  Lumpkin is going to continue training all year and into next season so that he can hopefully break some more records and advance to state finals once again.

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Lakeview swimmer Chaz Lumpkin advances to state finals