Girl’s 4×8 team takes on 2017 track season


Carly Schneider, Staff Writer

While the official track season does not start until March 13, the girl’s 4×8 team has been preparing since December. Seniors Sarah Seccombe, Megan Conant, Natalie Anderson, and sophomore Libby Anderson are taking the 4×8 event very seriously. Last year, the four girls broke the school record for this event. Their record breaking time was 10:05.82. The team’s goal for this season is to break their own school record and make it to States.

The four girls have been planning workouts and running without their coach of two years since the track team recently lost one of their distance coaches. The girls attend the track workouts, which are Monday through Thursday after school. However, they decide on their own what they will run each day.

Seccombe has been on the track team since she was in middle school. She hopes to be able to go to states as a senior on the track team.

“We have been hitting high mileage runs in order to increase our endurance for the season. We are going to start doing speed work in March. We wanted to work on our endurance before speed. We have already done many 6 and 7 mile runs,” Seccombe stated.

Conant also hopes to be able to reach States as a senior.

“I plan on reaching States by having a positive attitude. This year we don’t have our coach with us, so we get motivated to run together. We all run together and slow down together if someone is having a bad day; it makes it much more motivating,” Conant said.

The girls have already ran their first race. They competed against other 4×8 teams at Macomb Community College on February 15. While they were not technically representing Lakeview, the girls were able to get a feel of how they run under the pressure of competition, practice hand offs, and see what work still needs to be done. The girls ran an 11:46, and placed second.

  1. Anderson hopes the race at Macomb will help the team learn what they still need to work on.

“Our race at Macomb was pretty tough, especially since we were not fully conditioned on speed. But I’m glad we did it because it helped us to figure out where we are right now in the season,” L. Anderson stated.

Last year, the girls placed third in the 4×8 at Regionals. Unfortunately, only the top two placing teams advance to states. This year the girls plan to be a part of that top two.

  1. Anderson hopes that even without the guidance of a current distance coach, the girls will be able to make it to States.

“We plan to reach states by improving ourselves mentally and physically and really focusing on speed work and speed endurance. Unlike last year, we don’t have a distance coach to support us, but we are learning to support and push ourselves without someone telling us what to do. It’s hard not having a coach but it’s teaching us to become stronger and work together,” N. Anderson stated.

  As track season quickly approaches, the girl’s plan to continue to push themselves with hard workouts and farther runs. Cheer on the 4×8 girls and the track team at their first meet.