Coaching changes for varsity and jv softball’s 2017 season


Emily Seccombe, Staff Writer

  Lakeview’s softball teams have undergone recent coaching changes. Sara Dibartolomeo, jv’s previous head coach, has stepped down from her position. In addition, varsity assistant coach Jeff Nowowiecki was offered a coaching position on Macomb Community College’s softball staff and will not be with the Huskies for their upcoming season.

  Junior Emily Langell is sad Dibartolomeo is leaving.

  “I’m really going to miss Ms. Dibart. As a freshman, she was a perfect coach to have. She was really welcoming and very easy to talk to. She became a role model figure for me,” Langell stated.

  Junior Savannah DeLaCruz will miss coach Jeff’s constructive criticism.

 “I’m sad to see coach Jeff leave, but I am happy he was offered to coach at Macomb. I’m really going to miss coach Jeff remind me of the simple things like snapping my wrist while batting. He always was able to help me without ever putting me down,” DeLaCruz stated.

  To compensate for the varsity team’s loss, assistant coach and former 2010 Lakeview graduate Melissa Lovati is going to have a more involved role on the team.

  “I am really excited to be able to be at more practices and games than I was last year, and assist the girls in anyway I can,” Lovati stated.

  Lovati already has started weekly conditioning with the team using her degree in exercise science to create a workout plan.

  “Conditioning has really helped some girls get in shape and prepares them for the actual season,” Lovati started.

  For jv, new head coach and former 2010 Lakeview alumni, Kelly Martz plans to use her experience playing softball at Heidelberg University and assistant coaching at Grosse Pointe South to improve the team.

  “I’m most looking forward to working with the girls and using my previous coaching and playing experience to help the girls improve not only individually but also as a team,” Martinez stated.  

  Overall, Junior Alex Dozek is optimistic for the upcoming season.

  “I’m excited that Melissa and Kelly are going to be able to help out this year. Mostly, I’m hopeful that with all the help we will be able to win districts for another year.” Dozek stated.

  Assist head coach Michael Seccombe shares similar thoughts about the coaching changes.

  “I’m looking forward to working with the new jv coach, Kelly and hope her knowledge of softball can contribute to the improvement of the program,” Seccombe stated.

  Tryouts begin March 13th at 4:00 in Lakeview’s main gym. See varsity captions, Emily Seccombe or Michelle Degrez for any questions.