Girls varsity basketball remains city champions

Alicia Bullaro, Staff Writer

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  The Lakeview girls varsity basketball team became city champs once again with big wins over both Southlake and Lakeshore.  The team faced off against Southlake on Dec. 2 at home, winning that game with a final score of 53-14.  Senior guard Nicole Austin and junior forward Lauren Wynn led the team with 12 points each in that game.  They then traveled to Lakeshore on Dec. 9, where they beat the Shorians 64-28.  Austin also scored 12 points in this game, and senior forward Nashell Kemp added 10 points of her own.

  This was the third year in a row that the Huskies beat both teams and kept the city champions title.  These wins have brought the team a lot of excitement for the rest of their season.

  “Beating both teams, but especially our rivals, by a large margin made me excited for our season because both teams are always fired up, but we were just better and out played them,” Austin stated.

  Katie Boyle, ‘17, who is also a team captain, found beating these teams by a large margin more special, too.

  She said, “Beating them by a large margin makes it so much better because they’re our rivals!”

  Game preparations for these war in the shores games are not much different for the Huskies than regular games.  The team still watches film and strategize offensively and defensively just as they do for every game.

  Coach Joe Charrette stated, “You always want to beat your rivals.  Always.  I don’t know if there’s more emphasism, but you get jacked up for them.”

  The Huskies dominated both Lakeshore and Southlake in these games.  Much of this success against both teams is because of what Lakeview does that the Shorians and Cavaliers don’t.

  “We’re in the gym.  I have dedicated kids and their reaping the success of coming on a July day when it’s sunny out and they could be on a beach, but instead they come for an hour and get in the weight room.  It shows.  We’re reaping the rewards of hard work,” Charrette shared.

  The team hopes to continue their early success throughout the long season. Charrette shared the ways he plans to keep the team successful.

  He said, “I’m going to trim down practices to keep them fresh.  I think that’s why we haven’t had a lull.  We cut it back to an hour and a half because they go all year round and now after the break we’ll go about an hour and ten minutes to keep the girls fresh.”

  Charrette hopes to continue to succeed in the War in the Shore Tournament and dominate both teams year after year.  Both Boyle and Austin also think that the Huskies can continue their local success after they graduate.

  Boyle stated, “I think future teams will succeed because there’s a good group of girls that come in the summer that are younger.  So there’s a good core, and they’ll be together all the time so they’ll have chemistry and can win again next year.”

  The Huskies, who are undefeated after the break, including their 2-0 league record, hope to continue this success after the mid-season break as they continue to play the rest of their league games.

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Girls varsity basketball remains city champions