Maria Hughey elaborates on what it takes to be student of the month

Jessica Vandermaas, Staff Writer

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  Student of the month is often seen as an approval from teachers saying “I notice your work ethic.” It is a reward of recognition that teachers give to students who go above and beyond to apply themselves.

  However, the task to pick just one student to nominate can be difficult because Lakeview’s standards are unimaginably high. It can be hard to achieve this award because students can grow to become unmotivated causing them to no longer work as hard.

  The school’s latest winner, Maria Hughey ‘17, encourages students to not to give up.

“I was surprised,” the senior expressed once she had realized she won.

  After being presented the award by Christine Hager, Hughey’s AP Biology teacher, (and winning a Jimmy John’s lunch, of course), Hughey gave some tips on how to progress towards possibly winning.

  Motivate yourself: of course you have to have the good grades and participation, but you won’t have a successful outcome if there isn’t a goal to push towards. Set up little “goal points” along the way so that you’re able to see a purpose to all of your hard work.

  A previous student of the month from last year, Mariam Elsadr, ‘18 received an award from Amy Beach for her Algebra II class when she was a sophomore. Elsadr feels that what influenced Beach to nominate her was her love for math and her abundance of participation.

  If you’re seeking to obtain the award, Elsadr suggests to apply yourself academically in every possible way, or in other words go above and beyond, by completing every opportunity for extra credit, getting all your work done on time, and rising above any mistakes.

  “Don’t just sit there,” Elsadr encourages. If you actually apply yourself the teacher will see your commitment, taking note of your dedication. “Maria displayed such good effort and she was a very, very hard worker,” Hager explained, “She took every opportunity there was…”

  Just take it from students and teachers like these- Student of the month is an extremely rewarding  thing to receive. All that it takes is a little “elbow grease”.  

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Maria Hughey elaborates on what it takes to be student of the month