Must Have Fashion for Fall 2016

Emily Litz, Staff Writer

  From eye-catching patterns to statement furs, this is what is in the now for fall 2016. Every year there are a different variety of styles and tons of fun do-it-yourself projects for the Holidays of Halloween to Thanksgiving. So go get your popcorn because these trends will be popping!

50 shades of Tan?

Yes, you have read correctly, this fall is all about the new corky beige and tan colors! wear these colors on skirts, pants, knits, and even scarfs. A soft caramel look will definitely be something exciting and new that will make you look like you belong in the falls time.


 Shoutout to the glitzy grandmas and the Las Vegas party girls that have brought this trend into the fall season. Metallics-especially golds- are poised to be the seasonal standout. Top this with some distressed  boyfriend pants and some slide on’s and you’ll be rocking and ready to roll out for the night.


 To clear up what this kind of choker is, it is a necklace or ornamental band of fabric that fits closely around the neck. It does not matter and there is no difference if you prefer a chunky scarf or a skinny-lace choker. Just as long you have something around your neck this fall to add that extra oomph to your look. Pair this with a button down blouse, your favorite denim jacket, or even a cute dress on your night out.

Texture Time

    They always say “The bigger, the better” right? well, you better believe it. This fall, your hair will be doing the most. Making your hair wavy or curly is the way to go out for this season. Achieving this look can be conquered by drying the hair with a diffuser, then twisting and locking the curls in with mousse into the roots and then shaking it all out to give you that effortlessly cute look that you were born with that hair.

Makeup for Your Makeup

       Push all boundaries of black liner and dark lipsticks and change the way you are doing glitter. There are only two things you need your eyeliner to be this season: black and greasy! do a soft smudge, or take a bold turnaround and don’t stop with the wing until you hit your brow! Good news: Glitter is most definitely for grown-ups. Create yourself a nice smokey eye and top it off with any color glitter that will set with your shadow color. Not only will you look fierce but you will be sparkling under the sunsets of fall.

This 2016 fall, make sure you are in the loop of fun, funky, and hip new trends. Have fun with spicing things up and trying new things.