Detroit plans to have new MLS stadium built

Detroit plans to have new MLS stadium built

Alicia Bullaro, Staff Writer

There are rumored plans from many sports news stations  that an MLS stadium is going to be built in Detroit.  There are already two other teams in the Detroit area: the Detroit City FC and the Michigan Bucks.  Both of these teams are in the fourth tier of the American soccer pyramid, which has nine tiers total.

These plans have brought about many mixed emotions about a new team in Michigan.  Of course all Michigan soccer fans would love to have a new team that would play at a higher level, but many have doubts about whether developing a new team would be beneficial to the league and city.

Lakeview sophomore Brandon DeMand explained how he would like to see a new, higher-leagued team in Detroit.  He also had doubts about any players of worth having any desire to play in Detroit.

DeMand stated, “I don’t think anyone good would even want to come to Detroit to play.”

Many may not think good players would come to Detroit because of possible doubts of success if they play here.  Some of these doubts could be caused by the inability for a good program to be established.  This could include a poor coaching staff or a poor mix of players.

Another aspect that many soccer fans think should be in consideration for the new stadium is whether or not there is a large enough audience to make a profit from this stadium.  A project of this magnitude could have negative side effects because of the recent decision to build a new 627 million dollar hockey arena, Little Caesars Arena, in downtown Detroit.

DeMand commented that he thinks that there is a big enough local audience to gain a profit from the new stadium if it is built.

Lakeview senior Jonah Belloli stated, “I think that this would be a great idea because I know that I would love to have a soccer team close to home like the Tigers and the Lions.”

Belloli also commented on the player situation.

“I think that if they are able to build up a good program for the new team with a good staff then eventually some of the greats will look into careers here.”

Detroit is one of numerous cities that has been speculated to house and MLS team.  Along with Detroit, there are plans for stadiums to be built in Atlanta, a second team in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Miami.

Although local soccer fans have mixed emotions about a new stadium, there still could be a new team in the Detroit area to add to the great energy of downtown Detroit.