Lakeview teachers discuss future expectations for Detroit Pistons


Alicia Bullaro, Staff Writer

The Detroit Pistons played in the 2016 playoffs against the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Although the Pistons were swept by the Cavaliers, they played well considering the fact that they are a young team in terms of playoff experience. This was the first time since 2008 that the Pistons made it to the playoffs.

This playoff run, although short, gave Pistons fans some hope for the future. One key component of the team is their youth.  Many say that the youth of the team gave the Pistons a disadvantage against the defending 2015 Eastern Conference Champions.

“I think this year will help them a ton,” stated Lakeview teacher Nick Spano, “If they can grow together, then they can be a threat to other teams in the near future.”

“They’re pretty young right now, so as long as they keep a decent core, they should be okay,” stated Lakeview Government teacher David Oster.

Another major component of the team is star center Andre Drummond. Throughout the 2016 season Drummond made thirty-five percent of the free throw shots that he took (208 out of 586). After other teams noticed this, they fouled Drummond on purpose to send him to the line.

When teams did this Drummond was forced to come out of the game.  Because of this many people are talking about a possible trade of Drummond for a player that they would not be forced to put on the bench.

Gym teacher Salem Herr stated, “I don’t think it would be a good move to trade Andre at all.”

Spano also commented, “It all depends on what they can get in return, but if he can’t shoot free throws then he becomes way less valuable.  If he wants a huge hundred-million dollar contract, I wouldn’t give it to him.”

There is talk that the Pistons might be considering trading for a different center and if not that then a bigger scoring threat no matter the position.

“If anyone, it would have to be someone young like Deandre Jordan.  I think that would be a good trade for us,” Herr stated.

Spano said, “I would say someone like DeMarcus Cousins would be a good pickup for us.”

Many others would just simply like a player who is able to result in more points for the Pistons, no matter what position he may play.

“A player that can score and rebound, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a center or not,” stated Oster.

Another aspect that could help the Pistons is free agency.  There are many free agents that Detroit could pick up after this season.  Some of those include Rajon Rando, Kevin Durant, Kent Bazemore, Jamal Crawford, and Dwight Powell.

There are also rumors that the Pistons are talking about a direct trade of Andre Drummond for DeMarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Kings.  Many people think that this would be a good pick up for the Pistons, because he is a better shooter than Drummond.

Overall the main thing that Pistons fans are looking for in their team is success, because they have no playoff success, or experience, in eight season.  Whatever the Pistons decide to do the fans will always stay supportive of their hometown team.