Lakeview staff discusses expectations for Detroit Tigers 2016 season

Lakeview staff discusses expectations for Detroit Tigers 2016 season

Alicia Bullaro, Staff Writer

The Detroit Tigers have already begun their 2016 season and have seven wins to match their four losses. The multiple reviews from Lakeview teachers that the Tigers have received claim that they are not supposed to be very good this season.

Lakeview has many teachers who are baseball fans and they have given their own reviews and expectations for the season.

Whether or not the Tigers could defy the negative expectations that many fans seem to have was an important discussion.

Lakeview gym teacher, Jason Kedrow said, “I think they will be better than their mediocre expectations, and I expect them to have 80-85 wins.”

“I think the Tigers have a great chance of having a positive season when people are doubting them,” stated English teacher, Anthony Savalle.

Last season the Tigers did not have a very positive season.  They finished the season with 74 wins and 87 losses in the 2015 season.

“If they can stay healthy and play with their best players I think they will finish in the top two in the division,” Savalle stated.

During the 2015 season many Tigers were put on the disabled list because of injuries. Some of those included Victor Martinez with a knee surgery and inflammation, Justin Verlander with three different injuries, J.D. Martinez with back tightness, and Miguel Cabrera with a calf strain and back injury.

Another discussion was based on what would lead the Tigers to success this season.  Both Kedrow and Lakeview teacher, Matt Barranca said that starting pitching would be a key factor in the success of the Tigers this season.

Barranca said, “The Tigers will be successful if all nine spots in the batting order can be productive throughout the year as opposed to in the past only allowing Cabrera to lead the team.”

Savalle also commented on starting pitching.

“A key component to the Tigers success would have to be the new starting pitchers: Jordan Zimmerman, Mike Pelfrey, and Daniel Norris. Between those three pitchers, if two of them can pitch really well, or even be adequate, the Tigers have a great chance to have a winning record.”

One of the more important topics discussed was what each person thought the Tigers would struggle with this season.

Kedrow stated, “I think starting pitching will be a big struggle for the Tigers this season.”

“I think they will struggle in their bullpen because they have struggled the past five years with their bullpen. Until they make a difference, or show that they can make a change, I’d have to say bullpen,” Barranca stated.

Savalle stated, “My fear is that they will struggle with being injured. They have a couple older guys, a couple guys who have been injured the last few years: Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez, Justin Verlander.  If any of those guys go down for a significant amount of time that could definitely make this season look like last season.”

The components discussed by those interviewed could make or break the Tigers this season, and Lakeview hopes the best for the Tigers.