Ways to save money in college

Kortney Hepting, Staff Writer

Do you have  a Mercedes Benz taste with a Ford Focus budget? It’s ok – most college students are living on a budget. If not, they’re likely students getting themselves into a cycle of debt due to the high costs of tuition and everything that comes along with the college experience.
Students graduate every year and their next step in life is college. They need to be prepared for what is coming for them in the college world dealing with the financial restraints and difficulties.

One way to save money while in college is to buy used  books or rent them. This can save money because many textbooks are way overpriced for the class.

Textbooks can range from $50 to over $300.  If you are just taking general education classes those are easy to rent. Some college textbooks can also be checked out at the campus library. Buying used books or renting books can on average save students about $1,000 annually. Some online used textbook stores are, “collegebooksdirect.com”, “bookbyte.com”, and “bigwords.com”.

Another tip to save money in college is to shop at places where they offer student discounts. Restaurants near college campuses usually have college student discounts. Salvation Army also gives college students 33% off of their whole purchase of anything every Tuesday. There are many attractions and places that will accept a college I.D. as a way to help students on a budget. All MJR movie theaters accept student I.D.’s as a form of a discount.

“Saving money during college will be a big struggle for me. I spend money easily now, and once I’m on my own, I will have a rude awakening. I will have to start budgeting myself,” stated Claire Flood, ‘16.

Another way to save money is try and be a dorm advisor. Dorm advisors organize activities for the students staying in that dorm to bond and get to know one another. Such as organizing a movie night or getting everyone to come together and go out on a bowling night.

They make sure everyone in the campus dorm is happy and tolerates everyone around them. Dorm advisors watch over the students in the dorm and keep them out of trouble as much as possible. Not everyone in the dorm can do this job, the school has to approve you. By accepting this responsibility they usually get the room and board fee deducted from their tuition costs or at least at a very low cost.

“When my aunt went to the University of North Carolina Wilmington, she was the person in charge of her dorm building, and she got all of her room and board paid for. I plan on doing that to save money when I go to college in Florida,” commented Kelsie Gore, ‘16.

A fourth way to save some money in college is to look into class requirements and the options for testing out of classes. Why pay for a class you could easily test out of? Many general education classes within the first two years of college are easy to test out of. If all you have to pay for is the final exam for a class, compared to the whole course fee, then why not save some money that way?

Freshman math and English classes are the most common classes to test out of because they are more based on common sense.

“I have taken seven Macomb Community college classes and one Wayne state class while in high school. I even tested out of an English class at Macomb over last summer because I am best in that subject. Those have really prepared me and saved me a ton on money when I first start my college career. I will have almost a whole year of college worth of credits when I graduate high school,” stated Nicole Licata, ‘16.

The last tip to save money in college is actually go to class. Students are paying for classes and skipping class is like throwing money out the window. Be sure to attend classes and get your money’s worth. Nearly 33% of all college students will fail out of a class within their first year due to not attending the classes as much as they should.