Best places to find a prom dress

Erin May, Staff Writer

Prom is approaching quickly on May 6 and many seniors are struggling to find the perfect prom dress. There are several places around Michigan and online that have a range of different styles and colors for your budget. Your perfect prom dress could be in one of these places.

Jcpenney, Macy’s,  and Kohl’s are often overlooked when trying to find a prom dress, but they have tons of dresses in all different styles. These places also fit a person’s budget with most dresses being under one hundred dollars. Plus, all of these stores offer many deals all the time.

“Last year for prom, I bought my dress from Macy’s. I loved it and it was only $60,” stated Nina Tringali, ‘17.

Another great place to look for a prom dress in Ebay. Ebay is a sight where people can buy and sell just about anything. There are many prom dresses on the site that people from all over are selling and most are brand new. You can search for your favorite brand, size, color and price. If you don’t mind waiting for shipping, this is a great option for you.

“If I was going to prom this year, this is probably where I would shop because it is really cheap,” stated Shelby Thompson, ‘16.

If you want a dress from a lower-end boutique, Deb is a good place to look. They specialize in carrying dresses for all occasions such as prom and homecoming. Dresses range around the same prices as Macy’s and Kohl’s, but they have a lot more options to choose from. The good thing about Deb is that you can find this store in most malls like Lakeside.

If you really need to find a prom dress quick, Plato’s Closet might be a place you want to check out. Plato’s carries gently used higher end clothes for very cheap. They have all sorts of dresses and you never know what you might find. Plus, with the money a person saves for prom, you can put it towards other things like shoes and jewelry.
If you have the money and want to go to a high-end place, a good shop is Piera’s Bridal in Shebly Township. They carry beautiful prom dresses the are pretty pricy but well worth the buy.

So do not stress about not being able to find a dress. Think outside the box when finding your perfect prom dress because you never know what store could be carrying the right dress for you.