Yanee Mansorra receives March student of the month award

Kristi Gulino, Staff Writer

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Yanee Mansorra, ‘18 was chosen to be March’s student of the month. The teachers that nominated Mansorra were Shannon Verhelle and Marilyn Vogel who work with the hearing impaired.

Mansorra stated, “I am very very proud of myself for improving so much from last year.”

Verhelle explained Mansorra’s grades and behavior last year weren’t the best. This year he completely turned around his behavior and showed what he is capable of accomplishing. Mansorra is a great student and is very proud of his accomplishments as are his parents.

Verhelle stated, “Yanee did a complete 180 turn based on his behavior, work ethic, and effort. He is a different kid, but an amazing kid.”

Mansorra stated, “Winning student of the month made me very happy. I was very excited for the award and to show it to my parents. I knew when I got home, I would get a lot of hugs. Also, I have been working really hard to improve and it means a lot.”

By Mansorra improving his behavior and effort he gave him a chance to get the title of the student of the month. This is an awesome accomplishment to receive and his hard work got him there.

Verhelle stated, “The students that stand out to me are students who interact with other kids, becoming a leader, and being aware what they are doing now is improving from what they have done previously.”

Mansorra’s hard work payed off and now he is very happy while improving his grades even more. Winning student of month could make him work even harder to get to the next level by him seeing the achievement he has won.

Mansorra stated, “Having my parents proud of me makes me the happiest person.”

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Yanee Mansorra receives March student of the month award