Tips in preparation for the holidays

Claire Patterson, Staff Writer

Christmas has been a symbol for joy, laughter, and love all over the world for hundreds of years. With the frantic holiday season approaching fast, preparing and getting ready can be overwhelming for anybody. There are a few helpful tips that can turn a season that is known for its craziness into a season that should be spent with friends and family and well enjoyed.

Many people are decorating for the holidays. Decorating your house with lights and decorations does not have to be stressful for anyone if you pace yourself and create a plan. Hanging decorations such as lights, Christmas wreaths, and Christmas trees should be done in moderation throughout the month leading up to the holiday.

Hayle Hayes, ‘17 stated, “My family and I decorate all around the house and we decorate our tree the weekend of Thanksgiving. It’s a tradition we’ve always done and I love preparing for Christmas.”

Avoiding a weekend where your mom pulls out all the Christmas decorations and makes you cancel your weekend plans to help decorate may be annoying, but it will help your parents not feel so stressed when preparing because you are there to help.

Christmas trees can make your Sunday afternoon with the family more fun with Christmas music and snacks to your liking. This is a great way to kick of the season with laughs and cheers.

Samantha McCool, ‘19 stated, “To me, Christmas is easier to prepare for because you have a whole month to prepare, shop, and decorate. Thanksgiving only allows you to prepare one day in advance to clean, cook a whole turkey dinner, and plan with the family.”

One tip that is helpful for all parties you are not hosting is to bring a little housewarming gift. It is a nice gesture and a great way to make someone happy. For a Christmas party, you could always bring homemade baked goods or a poinsettia.

Your parents will also appreciate when you offer to help bake the holiday treats. It helps a lot more when there are multiple people helping prepare rather than relying on one parent. Baking and cooking will take a fraction of the time and will make everything easier in the long run.

Shopping for the holiday season can make even the most experienced shopper cry in fear. There’s a few tips that can turn the nightmares of Christmas shopping into something enjoyable.

When shopping for your family, friends, or significant other, try to go to the store when you know there won’t be a large crowd of people to get in your way. With little stores and large amounts of people, things can get a claustrophobic really fast. Avoiding large crowds can help you not to rush and to make sure you are picking out the perfect gift. Before shopping, make a list of every present and store you need to go to.

Also, when searching for the perfect gift try to stay away from personal preference, but accommodate the person you are shopping for tastes and style.