The 10: video games you should never buy.

Cory Foley, Staff Writer

Let’s face it, gaming is a part of everyday life. It is a very good industry to go into. You can make a lot of money, but for every good game, there’s a bad game to follow it. From the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) console that kickstarted gaming history to the technological cesspool that is the Playstation 4 (PS4). Here are ten games that will leave you disappointed, shocked and running back to your local store (most likely Gamestop) for a refund.


  10 SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (better known as Sonic 06)

  Consoles: Playstation 3 (PS3), Xbox 360. Release date(s) Xbox 360: November 14, 2006. PS3: January 30, 2007. Cost at launch: 70.00 dollars. Cost now: 19.99 (it’s barely worth 5)

   As you know Sonic has a lot of support. As a release title for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 and a different reason that will come in later, Sonic Team created Sonic 06. But alas, what was supposed to be a fun, great (or at least subpar) game that would end Sonic’s bad game streak only continued it. While some people can adjust to it ,people can’t adjust to the number of glitches this game has. In the story every character acts like a moron and there’s more plot holes than swiss cheese. The prototype build is better than the final build. Sega that’s not how it’s supposed to be. Rushed development of the game made it how it was and that hurts inside.


   9 Madden 25

  Consoles: PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox 1. Release date(s) PS3 and Xbox 360 August 27, 2013, PS4 November 15, 2013, Xbox one November 22, 2013. Cost at launch 70.00 dollars. Cost now: 9.99.

  Madden 25. Another anniversary title, while 20 of those years are enjoyable the Madden franchise deserved every bit of nostalgia it can muster. But that did not happen. Are you serious? NHL 14 featured a remake of the first game, Madden 09 had a port of the first game untouched and all you can do is a crappy loading screen that replays the same 10 slides? Disappointing. The EA tracks are still gone and the passing game is way too overpowered. You can spam the same play and score every time. Ever had a 146-45 win, on the all madden setting? It’s not hard. I had a more fun time with the soundtracks of Sonic 06. ( seriously listen to them your ears will melt.) That’s a disappointing game that only gets 99 cents at gamestop. I wonder why?


  8 Ghost and Goblins

Consoles (that matter): NES. Release date: November 1-25 1986. Cost at launch N/A. Cost now (ebay): about 13.00 dollars.

   For the very classic gamers out there this for you. 1986, this is about 40 years old! The mid air control sucks. You can’t control yourself in mid air. WARNING: THIS GAME IS HARD. Holy crap this is the most difficult thing since, well,  nothing. Playing this for the article was extremely painful. I can’t get past the first level mainly because of the red devil (THEY CAN DIE A SLOW PAINFUL DEATH, if i can kill them in the first place) They are quick, and require impeccable timing (as does the rest of the game) and are relentless.

  From Johnny, youtube channel somecallmejohnny from his Super Meat boy review “ You will die. YOU WILL DIE! AND YOU WILL DIE A LOT!!”


  7 MX vs ATV Alive

 Consoles: PS3, Xbox 360. Release date: May 10, 2011 (both consoles) Cost at launch: 29.99. Cost now: 24.99.(WHY THIS PRICE?)

 Mx vs ATV Alive is the last game THQ made in the franchise. They then went bankrupt shortly after. Oh boy you can smell the bankruptcy and the budget cuts. This is an extremely bare game. About 12 tracks as opposed to it’s predecessor (MX vs ATV Reflex a good game) with over 70 tracks. Those 12 tracks use the same 4 environments and that gets old after 20 minutes. The vehicles are pathetically named. We know its MX vs ATV, but one of the fun parts of the game is playing as other types of vehicles like trucks and buggies. One achievement on the Xbox 360 requires you max out your rider level (60), but because of the lack of content. You will spam one race over and over and over again. That’s fun right. If I can give the game anything, the control is like warm butter. This game is boring, don’t waste your time on it.


  6 MX vs ATV Reflex

  Consoles: Xbox 360, PS3, PSP,Nintendo DS. Release date: December 1, 2009 (all consoles) Cost at launch: 65.00. Cost now: 12.99

  “But writer,  you said that  MX vs ATV Reflex is a good game? Why is it on the list? Isn’t this counterintuitive?” First of all, MX vs ATV Reflex is a good game. Its handheld ports are not. (Mainly the PSP port because I have no experience with the DS port.) The console releases are ASTOUNDING games nothing against them. First of all, it’s a console-to-handheld port. The PSP is less powerful than the PS3. Next when you turn, it’s like taking out your car, hitting 100 mph and trying to turn, on smooth ice. The reason why. Remember that one analog stick you  never use (unless your playing FPS) This game uses it allowing for precise cornering. The PSP only has one analog stick. The tracks are designed for the dual analog set-up. So there compromise was to make turning EXTREMELY precise. If you read the Sonic 06 part thoroughly you know control like that sucks eggs. There are less tracks than Alive. And I no longer own the game because it got ran over by a car.


  5 The Bible Games

  Consoles: Gameboy Advance (GBA), PS2, Xbox. Release date: October 23, 2005. Cost at launch: Does anyone care. Cost now 0.99.

  This a very low key game. Selling only about 1,400 copies. Religion aside, this is a very confusing game. It’s like Mario Party, but worse. Very few minigames work and are fair. I swear most of these games have severe input lag, button lock and its sporadic. I will hit left, nothing, I will hit right quick response. I’ll get my 360 booted up because I want to play something good, comeback to turn the system off and that left click is locked on. Somehow the A.I are able to avoid the panels that take all your points away and I run into them all the time. After the third time this happens the game is just adding insult to injury. I’d grab your closest chainsaw and shred this game to pieces.


  4 Sonic Genesis

  Consoles: GBA. Release Date: November 14, 2006. Cost at launch: 29.99. Cost now: N/A

 This is a port. This is a bad port. This is the worst port I have ever seen. Everything you love with a platformer is GONE. Sonic is a momentum hog, the gravity is like playing on the moon, the screen is way too zoomed in on sonic, the music makes you cry. The color palette doesn’t mix. Leaps of faith and to top that off there is slowdown EVERYWHERE. Because of all these problems I got motion sickness and induced vomit. For more clarification on this watch

BrainScraches Commentary on this game. SEGA, WHAT WENT WRONG?!?! WHAT GROUP DID YOU HIRE TO MAKE THIS?!?! Sega ported this three times before. So how did they screw this up? You want to torture somebody? This is the game to do so. This game was made to celebrate Sonic’s 15th anniversary. Ya want to know what other game was made for this occasion, Sonic 06. Sonic had a rough 15.


  3 Shadow the Hedgehog

  Consoles: Nintendo Gamecube, Xbox, PS2. Release date: November 15, 2005. Cost at launch: N/A. Cost now: 9.99.

  Yet another Sonic game. The ancestor to Sonic 06. This the odd ball in the sonic continuity (which it does not affect). Guns, purple and black, explosions, swearing, this sounds more like a COD game than a Sonic game. Yet it somehow won a most family friendly game award. I’m not kidding it won that award. I wonder what other games where in the running. Shadow runs like he has ice under his shoes. It’s so loose. The levels are purple and black rearranged. The game is mostly search and destroy missions and that would work if we had a radar, but we have nothing. When the level is badly designed or confusing, you will take hours on that one level and want to break something. The story is so unnecessary and it does not need to be there. Now read closely. The story breaks off into branching pathways, it’s a morality system. There are ten possible endings to the story. Because this is Sega and not Nintendo they have a last story segment that completely obliterates the morality system and their advertising slogan. “Why make us think our choices matter in the first place.” from somecallmejohnny. If you can get there. Here’s the deal when you complete a path instead of picking where you left off, you start your journey anew. This means you will need to play the the first level not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7, not 8, not 9, but yes 10 times!


   2 Superman 64 (Superflop 64)

  Consoles: Nintendo 64. Release date: May 29, 1999. Cost at launch: N/A. Cost now (ebay): about 3.00 dollars. Developer: Titus Software.

  I tried to avoid this game, I really did but it was either this or Sonic and the Black Knight. And I think this list has had its fair share of Sonic. This game is uglier than moldy cheese. There is way too much green and I hope you like concrete blocks with spray-on windows because you will see a lot of that. You start the game by flying through rings, just rings. then a mission, and back to rings. thats basicly the entire game because anything else is just badly designed, has clipping problems or is not playable and is sometimes all 3. Jerky flight controls, a horrendous punching animation, Superman’s face is that face you make when you need to use the john but the person in front of you is taking forever, and RINGS (seriously when someone asks you how to summarize this game, show them a ring.) SPOILER, the ending is: “You stopped virtual bad guy, but real bad guy is still out there.” So we did absolutely nothing.


  1 big rigs: over the road racing

  Consoles: PC. Release date: November 20, 2003. Cost at launch: N/A. Cost now(ebay):150.99

  First, why would you blow 150 on a this game? Let’s start with the budget of this game. It was developed under 15,000 dollars (the effort shows). For those of you unaware it costs 3 times as much to advertise a decent game. That spells bad news of the bat. This is the most incomplete game you will ever see. There is no collision detection in this game. There is no A.I so that means your opponent does not move. (In updated versions the CPU truck moves but stops just before crossing the line. So nomader what version you’re playing, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET SECOND PLACE.) If you look in the source files, even if you could lose you will most likely crash the game because there is no losing screen or command to load it. Can you call this a game? Because in a game, YOU CAN LOSE!!! But with big rigs logic, all you do is win. Its like the game feels sorry for you. I’m sure the kids in the “Intro to Drafting” class could make a better game than big rigs. The options menu doesn’t even function properly. Theres one option: graphics. There’s ugly, Superman 64 and bricks. It’s a good thing they dont work. Going outside the game’s boundary is as easy as holding that up arrow key until you run into an endless grey void. Inspired by The Negative World from Super Mario Brothers. You can go faster than the speed of light, in reverse! It is as easy as holding that back arrow. The fastest you can go is 12.3 undecillion mph. For those of you wondering, an undecillion looks like this:1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00­0,000,000!!! They forgot to cap the game’s reverse speed. If you let go of the back key the truck stops immediately. I wonder what would happen to the driver? How is this possible? How can you advertise this? Probably the best moment in gaming history is when you ”win” you get a three handled trophy with the text “ You’re Winner” Did they blow the budget in 3 hours and say this is releasable? This is the ultimate puzzle to solve try it, the development of big rigs. Surprisingly the lead developer still is in the industry.