Students give advice on taking the road test


Carly Schneider, Staff Writer

It’s the time for the class of 2017 to get their license. However, before students can earn their license, they have to pass their road test. This can be a very nerve-racking experience that causes students much stress.

In order to prepare for the road test, students take two segments of a drivers training class and practice driving with an adult while having their permet. The drivers training class includes passing a multiple choice test as well.

The road test consists of multiple parts. Before being taken out on the road, a student must pass the parking portion of the test. This includes being able to pull into a spot, back in, and  parallel park. If this is completed successfully, a student is able to go out on the road. Here you drive on side streets, main roads, and the expressway. If you pass all of these requirements, you are then able to go to Secretary of State and get your license.

However, this is not as simple of a task as it sounds. The road test can be very challenging for many people, especially ones who haven’t practiced parking. Many Lakeview students who have taken the road test gave tips on how to pass the first time and shared their road test experience.

There are many different ways that students can prepare for the road test.

Sophomore Jacob Burley said, “I went to the road test site a couple days before the road test to practice parking.” Many road test sites have cones sitting out, which can be used to practice parking before taking the test.

Alexis Zerbst, ‘17, had the same idea has Burley. “I went to a parking lot to practice because I already had a lot of driving time.”

Those who have succeeded in the road test also shared what caused them the most difficulty when actually taking the test. Burley stated, “Parallel parking is the most nerve racking part of the test.” While Lucas Sliwinski, ‘17, stated, “Parking was the hardest part for me, because I am not good at it. I also definitely didn’t practice parking enough.”

The road test also causes lots of stress that makes it difficult to remain calm. Burley revealed, “The hardest part of the test wasn’t the actual test it was the stress that you get knowing that this is the most important drive you will ever take.”

Zerbst stated, “The hardest part of the road test was trying to stay calm in every situation.”

Students who passed the test also provided small tips for those about to take the test. Zerbst said, “Take the test on a weekend morning so there is less traffic.”

Burley stated, “You should be confident on the freeway as it is just a straight line after you merge.”

Lastly, Sliwinski said, “Don’t make silly mistakes like speeding.”

Once a person successfully completes the road test, they are able to get their license. Students who have gotten their license agree that best part is the newfound freedom.

Burley said, “You don’t have to rely on parents or friends to drive you places, if you want to just go over to a friend’s you can.”

Zerbst stated, “Benefits of having my license is being able to go wherever I want and not be so dependent on my parents.”

Sliwinski agreed with both Burley and Zerbst and said, “Being free to go places on your own is definitely the best part of having your license.”

The road test is a very stressful experience. However, if you are prepared you will be successful and will soon be able to have the freedom of a driver’s license.