Jose Iglesias brings excitement back to the Tigers defense



Emily Seccombe, Staff Writer

Former Red Sox, Jose Iglesias has been playing a spectacular shortstop for the Tigers. Iglesias, born in La Habana, Cuba, defected from a Cuban professional baseball team and entered the Red Sox organization as an amateur in 2009.

Iglesias played his first professional game on May 8, 2011. Prior to the 2011 season, Iglesias was named the top Red Sox prospect. He was called back up from triple A during the 2013 season due to team injury. Iglesias batted .420 in 100 at-bats and had an 18-game hit streak. Iglesias was named American League Rookie of the Month in June 2013.

Iglesias was involved in a three player trade to the Tigers after the All-Star break of 2013.After joining the Tigers, Iglesias was named the 2013 Tigers Rookie of the Year. Iglesias also finished second in the American League Rookie of the year.

Iglesias unfortunately missed the whole 2014 season due to stress fractures in both shins.

Battling back from his previous shin problems during the preseason games of 2015, Jose is back and better than ever. Iglesias has been strong at shortstop, and many of his plays have already been featured on ESPN Top Ten. Not only has his defense been spectacular, but Iglesias has also proved he can hit. Batting .345 so far, Iglesias has shown just how much he helps the team.

Sophomore Alexis Zerbst sees potential in what Iglesias has shown so far.

“He brings a lot of extra base hits because he’s very fast. Watching him is always exciting, and he has shown how much better our whole defense is this year,” Zerbst stated.

Liam Browning ‘17 is also excited to watch Iglesias this season.

“I like watching Iglesias because he has flare and hustles every time he steps on the field. He makes most plays that many shortstops can’t. He’s definitely a fan favorite and causes excitement that the Tigers haven’t seen in years.”

What does the future look like for Iglesias? “I think that he will taper off a little by the end of the year, but will still be able to produce runs and get on base,” Browning predicted.

Zerbst predicts a much different future for Iglesias. “I believe that as the season progresses he will continue to get better and will have more power with more home runs.”

Noah Holloway, ‘17 sees the Tigers going very far this year.

“I think that the Tigers will make it to the World Series, and Iglesias will definitely contribute to them making it that far,” Holloway stated.

Even Lakeview softball coaches agree that Jose Iglesias is exciting to watch.

Lakeview Varsity Assistant Head Coach Michael Seccombe stated, “Jose has the quickest hands in baseball and if he stays healthy he will continue to do great things on the field.”

What do his teammates think of his time on the team? “Wow. He’s the best shortstop I’ve ever played with, and probably ever seen,” stated Tiger’s pitcher David Price.

Whether Jose is batting or in the field, you know that he’s going to be exciting to watch.